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We are thrilled to share with you the remarkable impact of The Folk School’s renowned Blacksmithing Program. Our program stands among the finest in the country, attracting passionate individuals from all walks of life. Today, we invite you to join us in shaping the future of this extraordinary initiative.

Picture yourself in our 12-forge Clay Spencer Blacksmith Shop, where our program boasts the foremost instructors, eager to impart their expertise at every skill level. The rhythmic harmony of hammers pounding on hot, glowing metal creates an exhilarating atmosphere that captivates all who witness it. But our journey does not end here.

With your invaluable support, we can ensure that our Blacksmithing Program thrives and continues to be the pinnacle of excellence. Your contributions will directly fuel our program’s general operation and address critical capital needs. From enhancing safety measures to acquiring top-of-the-line equipment, together, we can provide an optimal learning environment for aspiring blacksmiths to unleash their creativity and hone their skills.


Hydraulic Press, 25T Coal Iron Works Press

Millermatic 200v Welders (2)

Tire Hammer

Library Flooring

Meeting Room Mini-Split

Not Yet Funded


Week or Weekend Scholarships

Our scholarship program helps those who would otherwise be unable to attend have joyous and enlivening learning experiences. Examples of recipients might be young people without deeper financial resources, people burdened by the weight of medical debt, or those challenged by a significant life event who need respite. Imagine helping a passionate, burgeoning creative who’s poised to become a professional artist.

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Support Blacksmithing

The Folk School’s Blacksmithing program is one of the best in the country, with the foremost instructors teaching classes for every skill level in our 12-forge Clay Spencer Blacksmith Shop. If you’ve taken a blacksmithing class, you know how thrilling it is to watch hot, glowing metal take shape under the pounding force of a hammer. Help our Blacksmithing program be the best it can be by contributing to its general operation and capital needs or by providing a blacksmithing class scholarship.

Elizabeth Belz headshot

Blacksmithing & Metals Coordinator

Elizabeth Belz

Elizabeth is a blacksmith, educator, and the owner of Black Widow Forge. She was the blacksmithing apprentice at the Metal Museum in Memphis, TN for two years where she trained under master smith Jim Masterson. She was a craft education intern at North House Folk School, a resident artist with the Science Museum of MN, and has spent time at craft and folk schools across the country. Elizabeth has shown her work, competed, and taught blacksmithing throughout the United States and internationally and has most recently finished up an artist residency at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. Elizabeth sits on the board of the Society of Inclusive Blacksmiths which is an international nonprofit committed to building equity and diversity in the field of blacksmithing.

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