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Turn brilliantly colored stones, vibrant enamels, fabrics, and metal into distinctive jewelry pieces.

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D.X. Ross Jewelry & Metals Studio

This rustic building, built of locally-grown pine in the early 1970s and located in Studio Row, is well-equipped for jewelry making. It has been modernized and expanded in recent years, and contains saw frames, mandrels of all sorts, hammers, anvils, burnishers, rockers, pushers, scapers, vice grips, crucible, drill bits, engraver, dapping blocks, clamps, punches, awls, flat rolling mill, hydraulic press, drill press, bench grinder, belt sander and more. Cold glass classes such as stained glass and kaleidoscope making are also held here, as are our metalworking classes.

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Interview with Barbara Joiner, Resident Artist in Jewelry & Metals

Barbara joined Tammy Elwell in the Craft Shop for an afternoon of questions where she shared some wonderful insights into her journey as a maker, artist, and teacher. Barbara is a renowned jewelry artist and our Resident Artist in theJewelry and Metal Studio. Enjoy the interview!


What’s a Hobo Nickel?

Unsure of what a hobo nickel is? Look no further! Read an interview with Tom Patterson who teaches a class in Hobo Nickel Engraving at the Folk School. Tom has been a hand engraver and metalsmith for more than 50 years. Enjoy our interview!


Living a Crafty Life: My Interview with Kay Patterson

Kay Patterson teaches many times throughout the year at the Folk School in a variety of subjects including Jewelry, Metalwork, Felt Making, Enameling, and Shoe Making. I sat down with Kay to learn a little bit more about her life, inspirations, and her crafts. Enjoy our interview!


Jewelry Class Completes Studio Funding

It started in 1999. Four long-time friends decided to take a class together at the Folk School. Based on the time they had off, and their similar interests, they chose a jewelry class taught by our Resident Artist in jewelry, Barbara Joiner. They probably didn’t suspect that their week long class would turn into a 12 year (and running) tradition that reunites a special, tight-knit group of friends, while giving them the opportunity to hone their jewelry and metalsmithing skills. The original group of four expanded throughout the years, and now about 8 people are considered “regulars” each year in Barbara’s class. Students come from Georgia, Mississippi, Ohio, and beyond to take advantage of Barbara’s expertise to work independently on their own projects. (This year’s class was called “Unfinished Business.”)

Barbara Joiner headshot

Resident Artist in Jewelry, Metalwork, Stained Glass, and Kaleidoscopes

Barbara Joiner

Barbara has taught clay and jewelry classes for over 25 years. She studied clay at the University of Illinois, silversmithing at Indiana University, and she has an MFA degree from Southern Illinois University. Barbara’s work is in many collections, including the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, and has won numerous awards throughout the U.S. She is a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild.

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