Studio Update : Blacksmiths Work Week 2024

Work Week Group Photo

We just wrapped another incredible Blacksmith Work Week, where skilled makers are invited to the Folk School for a week to volunteer their time and help with campus projects and studio improvements. If you’re in Brasstown soon, you might notice some of these upgrades as you’re making your way around campus.

Hear more from Elizabeth Belz, our Blacksmithing and Metals Coordinator, about how the week unfolded:

“Feels like Blacksmith Work Week started and then I blinked, and everyone was already packing up to go home! These 16 volunteers dedicated a week to the Francis Whitaker and Clay Spencer blacksmith shops. They gave their time and knowledge, while showing their love, compassion and dedication to this place and the history here. They painted walls, forged wall mounted hook racks for the Texana Community Center, made new tools, repaired tools, cleaned windows, pressure washed concrete, made new benches, changed air compressor oil, sharpened drill bits, made fire tools, and finished campus signs. The shop was transformed by this group of people, and if it wasn’t for this community, we would not have the shop or campus we do. Blacksmith Work Week is an annual event at the Folk School which has gone on for decades. The next time you are walking around campus, and you see the railings, touch the handle on the Keith House red door, listen to the meal bell or smell the coal smoke down the hill – Know that this place was built by community for community. A folk school for all the folks! I’m personally in debt to every one of you for everything you’ve given this amazing place! Another amazing Blacksmith Work Week in the books!” ~ Elizabeth

We can’t express how grateful we are for the work these volunteers put in every year. There are so many ways our community shows up for us and gives back to the program areas they care about. By donating to the Folk School, you help support the invaluable work our staff and volunteers do to make sure our studios and campus are clean, well-equipped, and ready for another week spent with students. For more information on ways to give back, contact our development team at or 828-837-2775. 

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