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Line, shading, proportion, perspective. Learn the basics of drawing or enhance your skills in a supportive, hands-on environment with knowledgeable instructors.

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Painting Studio

Spacious and light-filled, this studio on the north end of campus hosts painting, drawing, calligraphy, and mixed media classes. Well stocked with equipment and supplies, a demonstration area, sinks, a library, and a spacious covered patio with scenic views just waiting to be rendered, you’ll never want to leave this studio.

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Spiderman Swings Into the Folk School!

So let me preface this blog entry with the fact that I grew up reading comic books (or as I would have argued adamantly at one point—graphic novels), and much to my wife’s chagrin I still have several subscriptions to this day.  My father grew up reading comics and he passed them on to me.  I read his Uncle Scrooge, Batman, Dick Tracy, Lone Ranger, MAD, Superman and other Atomic Age comics until they literally fell apart.  For good or bad that set me on a path of buying and collecting thousands of comics.

Billie Shelburn, Resident Artist

Resident Artist in Painting, Drawing, and Mixed Media

Billie Shelburn

Billie has studied painting with a number of prominent watercolorists. She has served on the boards of several art organizations and is a member of the National Organization for Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. Her work is represented in numerous galleries and exhibitions. Billie has taught art classes to both children and adults, and she has also taught creative writing in public and private schools. She enjoys incorporating humor and life situations as a creative outlet, along with therapy-related exercises for artists.

Rachel Watson headshot

Book & Paper Arts, Printmaking, Marbling, Calligraphy, Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media, Photography, and Writing Coordinator

Rachel Watson

Rachel is an interdisciplinary artist working in alternative and traditional photography, printmaking, jewelry, woodworking, book arts, textiles, and installation. After completing her MFA at the University of Georgia in 2020, she digitized the 7,000-piece collection at Newcomb Art Museum in New Orleans. Rachel is currently renovating the Elf School in Hayesville, NC, where she will build studios and continue her art practice. Rachel, originally from Northeast Georgia, has traveled the world learning alternative photography processes and participated in photography and printmaking conferences.

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