Solace In Steel with Elmer Roush

Our Military Tuition Discount announcement has us reminiscing on the incredible video of beloved Folk School instructor and veteran Elmer Roush produced by CRKT as part of their Forged by War program. Take a moment to watch the impressive video where Elmer talks about his time in the service and how he got started in blacksmithing.

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Elmer’s Viking-Style Spearheads, Lock, and Axe

Elmer is renowned for creating hand forged functional hand tools, weapons and implements from 10th Century Viking to 18th Century American styles. He often teaches historical styles at the Folk School.

We are excited to have him teach a class this June that focuses on self-sufficient blacksmithing for homesteaders. Don’t miss this opportunity to study how to make charcoal, building a Viking-style forge, and work with metal in this unique class that empowers you to provide for yourself using historical styles and techniques.

Elmer’s Viking-Style Blacksmith Class Show Off Their Forged Creations

Birler Axe by Elmer Roush
Featured in the
Forged by War Video Above

Upcoming Class with Elmer Roush

Self-sufficient Blacksmithing

June 23–28, 2024

All Levels

Discover the amazing extent—and the limits—of how self-sufficient you can be in your forge. First, learn to make your own charcoal using a kiln method. Then, construct an old form of forge blower and experience using a Viking-style forge and anvil. Try out welding flux alternatives and hone your basic tool making skills. Learn to keep costs minimal as we explore being as self-sufficient as possible. Some prior blacksmithing experience recommended.

About Elmer Roush

Elmer Roush began blacksmithing in 1970. He has studied with Peter Ross, William Fiorini, Václav Jaroš, and others. Elmer has taught blacksmithing at the Folk School for over 30 years; has also taught at Southwest Virginia Community College, Touchstone, and Peters Valley; and he was the head instructor and CEO of the Cearta Inneona Blacksmithing School in Ireland. He also served as a monitor at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, the Resident Blacksmith at the Folk School, and a past board member of Artist-Blacksmith’s Association of North America (ABANA). He is currently self-employed as an artist-blacksmith here in Murphy, NC.

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