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The fusing of powdered glass to metal, this art form offers a wide variety of creative options for a one-of-a-kind design.

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Gus & Maggie Masters Enameling Studio

The Enameling Studio (and the enameling program) is recognized by instructors and students as one of the best and most respected in the United States. This studio was dedicated as the “Masters Enameling Studio” in honor of Gus and Maggie Masters who started the enameling program in the 1970s. Located on the other end of the building from the Clay Studio, this space for enameling and hot glass is a well-supplied, light-filled work space. It’s recently been renovated with new work tables, kilns, counters and sinks.

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Sienna’s First Class: Enameling

Read a sweet interview 18-year-old Sienna Bosch from Fort Collins, CO who took the class “Beginning Techniques in Enamel” with Christie Schuster. She was here with her mom, who was in printmaking class, and her dad, who taught woodturning. I sat down with her and talked about her experience. Enjoy our interview!


Living a Crafty Life: My Interview with Kay Patterson

Kay Patterson teaches many times throughout the year at the Folk School in a variety of subjects including Jewelry, Metalwork, Felt Making, Enameling, and Shoe Making. I sat down with Kay to learn a little bit more about her life, inspirations, and her crafts. Enjoy our interview!


Enamelist and Woodturner Collaborate

I’m Pam East, and my first experience with the Folk School was teaching an enamel bead making class in 2003.   From that very first time I knew I had stumbled upon a truly special place.   Since then the John C. Campbell Folk School has become my home away from home.  Even though I’m usually there to teach, it feels like a vacation.  I can feel my soul relax the minute I drive onto the campus.

Kay Patterson headshot

Resident Artist in Enameling, Hot/Warm Glass

Kay Patterson

Kay learned engraving and jewelry making from her husband, Tom, whose family owned a retail jewelry store with a full-service shop offering repairs, fabrication, and engraving. She joined Tom teaching metal classes at the Folk School in 2003 and has continued to serve as an assistant and instructor in many classes. Kay teaches enamel, combined with forging and engraving metal, and her own work focuses on using recycled metals. She has also worked as a hand engraver and silversmith for the past 20 years. Kay currently divides her time among metals, enamel, and fiber, mostly making things to wear.

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