We finished up in the forge cleaned up shop, showed off our work, ate, listened to the Redhead Express, sat around, talked and spent the night in a wonderful fashion.

The class was in overdrive yesterday, and it wasn’t until all the work was done that it hit us. After a week of constant smithing, eating, and socializing with people from all over the US and Canada, we found that we were a little bit more tired than we thought. Although, a few cups of coffee seemed to fix that problem.

The piece that I’m most proud of is the re-creation of Whittaker’s coat rack. I’ve sort of come to terms with recreating pieces. I suppose its like learning painting through re-creating Monet, Sargent or Malevich..

coat rack

The End

The Nail

Thanks goes out to Verne for his input, Jennifer who held the thousand degree metal while I upset (formed) the ends of the plate, and Susan Hutchinson my instructor who was fabulous about my constantly asking questions.

The work done by my classmates was fantastic. I might wait till tomorrow to throw their work up on the blog.  At the moment I’m about to leave John C. Campbell; I’m off to Savannah for a few days.

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