Shoe Making Classes

Fashion your own handmade, one-of-a-kind leather shoes that will fit your feet perfectly. From Middle-Century style turnshoes and 1920s oxfords to modern-day sandals, your creation will be a treat for your feet.

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Woodcarving Studio

This cozy, rustic, wood building is in Studio Row near the old sawmill. With its red tin roof and covered porch, the outside feels historic, an ideal place to continue time-honored traditions. Inside, carvers follow their bliss as they carve everything from lifelike birds to walking sticks. Newly renovated, the studio’s workstations are at the perfect height to comfortably tackle intricate, detailed work. Leather and pyrography classes are also taught in this studio.

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Rebecca Juliette Duex headshot

Resident Artist in Basketry, Brooms, Chair Seats, Gourds, Leather

Rebecca Juliette-Duex

Rebecca Juliette-Duex was introduced to the value of craft at an early age. Inspired by her grandparents to create, she set out to learn as much as possible about all things fiber. An immersion in weaving and woodworking at Haywood Community College was followed by further study at Silver River Center for Chair Caning and workshops on basketry and broom making. Rebecca hopes to tell the story of her own creative heritage through her craft practice and inspire others to do the same.

Allie Dudley headshot

Weaving, Rugs, Needlework & Thread Art, Lace, Beading, Quilting, Sewing, Basketry, Brooms, Chair Seats, Gourds, Leather Coordinator

Allie Dudley

Allie is a textile artist working primarily in weaving and stitching. After completing a degree in Cinema & Media Studies at the University of Chicago, they turned towards textiles, taking a historical angle, and focusing on traditional tapestries, Appalachian coverlets, and antique stitching samplers. Allie’s weavings have been included in international shows, including the Irene Davies Emerging Artist Award Finalist Exhibition at the Australian Tapestry Workshop, and they are a member of the South Arts 2021 Emerging Traditional Artists Program cohort. Allie now lives in Brasstown with their goats.

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