Staff & Board of Directors

You often hear us say that the Folk School is a place to bring folks together. Well, these are the people who help do that. They work to make sure the Folk School stays true to its mission of providing educational experiences that are joyful and enlivening.

We all wear nametags, so be sure to say “Hi!” to us when you’re on campus.

Office and Administrative
Jerry Jackson, Executive Director
Bethany Chaney, Deputy Director
Stephen Angel, Senior Accountant
Morgan Budzinski, Event & Volunteer Manager
Nicholas Kelischek, Information Technology Administrator
Morgan Oliver, Human Resources Manager

Kate DeLong, Registrar & Services Manager
Dianne Arnold, Administrative Assistant
Alison Leininger, Administrative Assistant
Will Skelton, Administrative Assistant
Kayla Nichols, Administrative Assistant

Darcy Holdorf, Programs Director
Elizabeth Belz, Blacksmithing & Metals Coordinator
Terra Ciotta, Resident Artist in Cooking
T-Claw Crawford, Music and Dance Coordinator
Caitlin Adair Daglis, Community Programs Coordinator
Allie Dudley, Textiles & Natural Fibers Coordinator
Tammy Elwell, Community Programs & Sales Associate
Helen Gibson, Resident Artist in Woodcarving
Tammy Godfrey, Visitor Engagement Coordinator
Karen Hurtubise, Resident Artist in Gardening & Homesteading, Nature Studies, Soap Making, Storytelling
Barbara Joiner, Resident Artist in Jewelry, Metalwork, Stained Glass, and Kaleidoscopes
Rebecca Juliette-Duex, Resident Artist in Basketry, Broom Making, Chair Seats, Gourds & Leather
Ellen O’Brien, Special Programs Manager
Martha Owen, Resident Artist in Spinning, Knitting & Crochet, Felt Making, Dyeing & Surface Design
Kay Patterson, Resident Artist in Enameling, Hot/Warm Glass
Stefani Priskos, Programs Development Manager
Dea Sasso, Resident Artist in Book & Paper Arts, Printmaking, Marbling, Calligraphy
Sienna Shute, Clay Coordinator
Charmaine Slaven, Music and Dance Coordinator
Gabe Strand, Wood Coordinator
Kitty Taylor, Resident Artist in Writing
Susannah Thompson, Cooking, Gardening, and Nature Studies Coordinator
Rachel Watson, 2D Coordinator
Kim Zimmerman, Programs Operations Assistant

Kathi Osborne, Development Director

Marketing & Communications
Anthony Perrone, Marketing & Communications Director
Robert Grand, Communications & Brand Manager
Rachel Lomauro, Marketing & Communications Assistant
Barbie White, Outreach Coordinator

Travis Souther, Collections & Archives Manager

Craft Shop
Caroline Baxter, Craft Shop Manager
Melissa Burchfield, Craft Shop Sales Associate
Julie Crilley, Sales Associate
June Rollins, Inventory Coordinator
Melody Swindle, Sales Associate

Connie Britt, Crew Chief
Victoria Craig, Housekeeper
Ginni Goodwin, Housekeeper
Dawn McDaniel, Housekeeper
Yvette Millward, Housekeeper
Angela Wynn, Housekeeper

Dining Hall
Brandon Lamarre, Prep Cook
Dylan McAllister, Prep Cook
Donald Shomaker, Prep Cook

Buildings and Grounds
Joe Harvey, Buildings & Grounds Director
Joe Baumgartner, Maintenance Technician
Jason Ebinger, Gardener
James Helton, Maintenance Technician
Jess Holdorff, Maintenance Technician

Board of Directors
Mary Ackerly
Jess Austin
Eric Cero
Janet Davis
Chris Dockery
Joanna Haas
Dale Jaeger
Laura Ledford
Maritza Maxwell
Dina Norris
Wil Posey
Kanute Rarey
Tommye Scanlin
Jack Smoot