Stone, Sculpture & Mosaics Classes

Create decorations for your home or garden, like a realistic animal statue or a wind chime made from recycled bottles. Learn the basics of design and the technical fundamentals behind these age-old crafts. Together, these three mediums offer a wealth of possibilities.

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Clay Studio

Originally built by Cherokee County as a cooperative cannery that served the community for many years, the Clay Studio includes plenty of workstations for wheel and handbuilding classes, along with a dry box and electric kilns. Gas, wood, and raku kilns are outside a few yards away. The studio’s rustic front porch overlooks a small flower garden and is a great place to take a quick break. Our Clay Studio is on Studio Row, alongside the Enameling, Woodcarving, and D.X. Ross Jewelry & Metals Studios.

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The Fantastic Recycled Plastic Art of David Edgar

Imagine transforming your trash into treasure by creating fantastic plastic creatures and whimsical designs with recycled plastic. David Edgar, an artist who sculpted in steel for 30 years, now creates stunning pieces in plastic and he can teach you to do it too in his upcoming class: Fantastic Recycled Plastic. Lets get to know David a little more and discover the world of plastic art. Enjoy our interview!

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Clay, Sculpture & Mosaics Coordinator

Sienna Shute

Sienna grew up digging clay and air-drying small sculptures on the lake shores of Seven Lakes, North Carolina where she lived with her family until pursuing a degree at UNC Chapel Hill. After college she came to the Folk School as a clay student and, like many others, was pulled right in! In the years to follow she came back as both a Work Study and a Host. Sienna then found her way to Haywood Community College’s Professional Crafts Program where she took a deep dive into pottery and received a degree in Clay. Since graduation, Sienna has returned to the area and is working as a studio potter with a focus on functional tableware.

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