Broom Making Classes

Explore the traditional craft and emerging art form of broom making, from kitchen brushes to Appalachian-style hearth brooms and all those in between.

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Rock Room

Natural light pours into the spacious Rock Room, the main studio for our Basket, Broom and Chair Seat classes. With lots of open space to spread out, a stove for cooking dyes, and a big work sink, this a great space that neighbors our Woodworking studio. The name Rock Room comes from its rock-covered exterior walls that fit right in with its natural surrounding.

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Appalachian Broom Making with Marlow Gates

Whatever your abode, castle, or cottage, you most likely have a broom in your home or hanging on your hearth. From besoms and cobweb brooms to more modern flat brooms and whimsical sculptural objects, brooms are important cultural symbols used for decoration and ritual, as well as functional tools.


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Did you get a chance to listen to the interview about the Folk School with Pattie Bagley, Mark Hendry and Jack Smoot on The Avenue Lounge Show on WREK Radio 91.1 FM, Atlanta, GA? If you missed the live show modern technology has preserved the interview for all to enjoy, at any time, here on Soundcloud. Learn about some Folk School history and also about Pattie, Mark, and Jack’s personal stories and experiences.

Rebecca Juliette Duex headshot

Resident Artist in Basketry, Brooms, Chair Seats, Gourds, Leather

Rebecca Juliette-Duex

On a quest to make custom fabric for an imagined chair design, Rebecca enrolled in the Fiber program at Haywood Community College to study weaving. She discovered that she wanted to create the textile and build the chair, so she continued her studies in the Wood program at HCC. She realized her dream and continued combining textiles and wood in several other pieces that have been exhibited regionally (The Bascom) and nationally (The Wharton Escherick Museum). Her love of all things fiber led to a seat weaving internship with Silver River Chairs that also introduced her to basketry and broom making. All of these craft forms have found a home in her multi-disciplinary practice. She is happy to be surrounded by aspiring and seasoned craftspeople.

Allie Dudley headshot

Weaving, Rugs, Needlework & Thread Art, Lace, Beading, Quilting, Sewing, Basketry, Brooms, Chair Seats, Gourds, Leather Coordinator

Allie Dudley

Allie is a textile artist working primarily in weaving and stitching. After completing a degree in Cinema & Media Studies at the University of Chicago, they turned towards textiles, taking a historical angle, and focusing on traditional tapestries, Appalachian coverlets, and antique stitching samplers. Allie’s weavings have been included in international shows, including the Irene Davies Emerging Artist Award Finalist Exhibition at the Australian Tapestry Workshop, and they are a member of the South Arts 2021 Emerging Traditional Artists Program cohort. Allie now lives in Brasstown with their goats.

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