Blacksmiths Buy a Beam in Honor of the Late Bert Smith

Blacksmiths Buy a Beam in Honor of the Late Bert Smith


Last week 20 blacksmiths were on campus for our annual Blacksmith Work Week. It was a very special week because the Timber Framers Guild was also here building the frame for the New Forge building. Emotions ran deep as the blacksmiths witnessed magnificent timber frame bents being hoisted into the air by cranes and fitted into place behind the Francis Whitaker Blacksmith Shop. Blacksmith Steve Barringer confessed, “I even shed a few tears when I saw that first bent go into place.”

The 20 smiths pooled their resources and bought a beam in honor of instructor Bert Smith, who passed away recently. The “Buy-A-Beam” campaign is a great opportunity for individuals and organizations to contribute to the building of the New Forge. Donors can have an individual’s name, a smith’s touch mark or an organization name carved or branded into the beam. The Timber Framers Guild has created a 3-D map of the design that will help donors locate their beam once the building has been constructed.

Beams can be purchased for $1000 each. If you are interested in purchasing a beam or would like more information please contact our development manager, Reed Caldwell, at (800) FOLK-SCH or

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