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The Wet Room in Davidson Hall: A vibrant studio that champions creativity and embraces messiness. This versatile space is tailor-made for art classes and spinning, knitting, felting, dyeing, and surface design enthusiasts, featuring large drains in the concrete floor for easy cleanup. With counters equipped with ranges for dye pots, students can explore the full spectrum of color in a nurturing environment that encourages innovation. Additionally, the spaciousness of the Wet Room makes it an ideal venue for spinning classes, where fitness and creativity come together.

However, to unlock the Wet Room’s full potential, we need your support. Your generous contributions will empower the next generation of artists and creators, funding essential equipment and resources. Together, let’s transform the Wet Room into a beacon of artistic ingenuity, where messiness is celebrated, and where boundaries are pushed beyond imagination. Donate today and help us create a vibrant and inspired future for artists and students alike.

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Week or Weekend Scholarships

Our scholarship program helps those who would otherwise be unable to attend have joyous and enlivening learning experiences. Examples of recipients might be young people without deeper financial resources, people burdened by the weight of medical debt, or those challenged by a significant life event who need respite. Imagine helping a passionate, burgeoning creative who’s poised to become a professional artist.

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Wet Room in Davidson Hall

The perfect studio for those who like to get messy. It’s particularly good for classes whose students like to dye things, as it has big drains in the concrete floor we can just hose down (hence the name). There are banks of counters with ranges for dye pots. Spinning classes are often held here too since it provides such a nice, spacious area.

Cory Brown Memorial Dye Garden

The Cory Brown Memorial Dye Garden is made possible thanks to a generous endowment from Donna and Cliff Brown in memory of their beloved son. Established in 2020, the garden features a wide array of dye plants including indigo, coreopsis, yarrow, French marigolds, madder, chamomile, and purple gromwell, among others.

Martha Owen headshot

Spinning, Knitting & Crochet, Feltmaking, Dyeing & Surface Design Resident Artist

Martha Owen

Martha began her adventure in spinning at this very school in 1978. Since then, her extended family has included sheep (mostly Corriedale/ Merino, Romney, Shetland and a little Blue-faced Leicester for fun) and French Angora rabbits. A banjo player known to tell a story or two, Martha’s interest in sheep and wool, music and dance, have carried her quite literally and joyfully around the world. Her children say she is a wool nerd, but her sheep say she is outstanding in her field! Martha became a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild in 1988, and was co-owner of the Yarn Circle in Murphy, NC, a store catering to fiber enthusiasts. She has been teaching spinning, natural dyeing and knitting design since 1984.

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