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Support our Woodworking Studio, nestled within a historic stone building on our campus. Step into a world of craftsmanship at this captivating haven, where aspiring artisans can bring their visions to life. Equipped with an extensive array of tools and supplies, the studio offers a large room filled with saws, drills, planers, routers, and more. Adjacent to this bustling workshop are spacious workstations, providing ample space for students to delve deep into their craft.

By contributing to our Woodworking Studio at the John C. Campbell Folk School, you help preserve the time-honored tradition of folk arts and empower the next generation of artisans. Your generous support enables us to acquire top-of-the-line equipment, replenish essential supplies, and offer enriching workshops led by seasoned craftsmen. Together, let’s celebrate the beauty of craftsmanship and ensure that woodworking thrives as a cherished craft for years to come within the nurturing environment of the Folk School. Join us in shaping a legacy that will endure and inspire creativity at the intersection of tradition and innovation.

Items to purchase

Handheld Festool Joinery Tools

Chop Saw and Mobile Stand


Not Yet Funded

Week or Weekend Scholarships

Our scholarship program helps those who would otherwise be unable to attend have joyous and enlivening learning experiences. Examples of recipients might be young people without deeper financial resources, people burdened by the weight of medical debt, or those challenged by a significant life event who need respite. Imagine helping a passionate, burgeoning creative who’s poised to become a professional woodworker.

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Support Woodworking

Wood-loving students learn to make such a wide range of items in our beautiful, old stone woodworking studio: Shaker tables and boxes, Windsor chairs, twig furniture, marquetry, butcher blocks, toys, and much more. This program area requires a lot of supplies, and your donation will help keep this popular program strong. Donate today to support our woodworking program’s general operations and capital needs or provide a woodworking scholarship.

Gabe Strand headshot

Woodcarving, Woodturning, and Woodworking Coordinator

Gabe Strand

Gabe is a furniture and cabinetmaker focused on green woodworking and chairmaking. He spent the last two decades living in Seattle, WA where he worked in cabinet shops, built custom homes, and was a whitewater rafting guide. He has been involved in old-time music and dance for many years as a square dance caller and musician. Now living in Brasstown, Gabe is immersing himself in the craft of Appalachian greenwood chairmaking as well as Appalachian music and dance. Look for Gabe leading impromptu lunchtime jams on the Folk School campus.

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John C. Campbell Folk School

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Barbie White, Development Manager

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