Weaving Fascination by Melinda James

Weaving Fascination by Melinda James


Rag Rug Weaving on ole’ Brownie

Over a year ago, I decided to try my hand at a weekend weaving class in which I would weave a scarf. I was really excited. The first weaving class I took was Weave a Scarf – Intro Class with instructor Elaine Bradley. It was a fast paced class and ended up with a beautiful woven scarf using a crammed and spaced weaving technique.

Fast forward to this past week. I was a student in Rag Rug Weaving, instructed by Christine Rogers. This was my first time weaving a Rag Rug. I had my prepared fabrics and had in my mind what I wanted my Rag Rug to look like.

Sunday evening all the students in our class got acquainted and talked about our weaving experiences. Our class had beginners and seasoned weavers that were great inspiration.

Monday and Tuesday were the decision days.  First, we discussed different types of weaves, and then decided on the size and type of weave that we would use to make our rugs. We selected our carpet warp yarn colors and wrapped our warp boards and readied our selected loom to warp. I spent Tuesday warping the loom with a beautiful purple and teal colored carpet warp yarn. To be honest, I was tired at the end of the day but looking forward to finally getting to weave on Wednesday.

I was throwing a shuttle with my strips of fabric rags using a plain weave on Wednesday afternoon with anticipation of what my rug was going to evolve into.


Rag Rug


By Friday morning, I was wide open trying to get the rug done so I could cut off before the end of class and get the rug hemmed. As everyone in class worked on completing their beautiful woven pieces, they already were chatting about what weaving class to take next.

So if any of you think, I can’t possibly do that… Yes you can! And I plan to continue with my fascination of weaving.

If you are interested in a week or weekend weaving class visit our website for more information.  www.folkschool.org



  • MaryMarcia Salsbury
    Posted at 22:05h, 26 October

    Hi Melinda,
    That was a great description of our class last week. Your rug is lovely and shows up well in the photo. Didn’t we have fun? My rug fit perfectly in the space I had in mind for it to go. So I have been cutting more fabric strips! See you in Feb., MM

  • Elaine from weaving
    Posted at 09:25h, 29 October

    What a beautiful rug! It’s amazing how much people learn when they immerse themselves in a craft for a week — or even for a weekend!

  • Rennie Savoye
    Posted at 06:07h, 02 November

    Loved your comments and also your enthusiasm! Christie is a good teacher and I too have taken her classes…such fun! Keep up the good work and enjoy all of it! We used to laugh about how learning to weave was also about ‘unweaving our selves’, as you sit for hours at the loom and while making a product you are also learning about ‘patience and fortitude’! We ‘unwove’ our selves by weaving….or else we would have been ‘tying one on’…or ‘getting warped’….hahaHA! There is special weaving terminology that makes one laugh!

  • Dianne Arnold
    Posted at 11:25h, 05 November

    Great article Melinda, and your rug looks devine

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