10 Reasons to Try Shape Note Singing

10 Reasons to Try Shape Note Singing

Shape Note Singers with Richard Moss in the Keith House at the Folk School, 1978

Shape Note Singers with Richard Moss in the Keith House at the Folk School, 1978

For anyone who loves to belt it out in the shower, was moved by the church scene in Cold Mountain with everyone belting it out together, or is simply a fan of “belting it out” in life, Shape Note singing is for you!

Every time I have participated in a sing, I have been overcome with the sort of pure emotion that stems from being truly “in the moment” without even realizing it. It is incredibly refreshing and I whole-heartedly recommend it as a great way to spend a summer-time Saturday.

My top 10 favorite things about Shape Note singing (in no particular order):

#1. You don’t have to know how to read music or find harmonies. You can just relax and follow the singing leaders and shapes that resemble each note on the page.
#2. Sitting next to a seasoned singer helps you sound like a seasoned singer (It’s the same theory as a lead biker “breaking the wind” for the riders behind them).
#3. The more raw, gutsy and untrained your way of singing, the better it sounds.
#4. You are not alone! This is true togetherness through song. It is basically a room full of 4 part harmonies happening simultaneously. A perfect opportunity to melt into the crowd.
#5. The harmonies are so different from what you typically hear. They sound so old and heart wrenching… SO beautiful.
#6. Singing increases oxygen to the brain, releases endorphins and reduces stress. All good things, right?
#7. It is a different way to meet folks from our region. At the Folk School sing North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and even Alabama are often represented.
#8. It is a safe space for people of all different beliefs and is simply intended as a mode to celebrate joyful living.
#9. The Saturday sing doesn’t drain your go-out-and-have-fun budget. It’s free!

…and last, but not least

#10. There is a “potluck on the grounds” which is code word for “the best southern comfort food in town.” Mmmm….

This year you have two options for joining in:

Shape Note Singing in the Music Studio, Davidson Hall

Shape Note Singing in the Music Studio, Davidson Hall

Friday July 11 – 13, 2014
Instructors: Laurel Horton, Mike Nichols, Becky Walker, Steve Walker

“Sing the shapes” from the Christian Harmony, a seven-shape version of a singing tradition that dates back 200 years and is still practiced in parts of the South. After an introduction to reading shape notation, we’ll practice singing old-time hymns in four part harmony. The class will also participate in the Folk School’s annual singing, which draws singers from a four-state area. All levels welcome.

Originally published in 1866, William Walker’s Christian Harmony is one of the oldest seven shape collection to have remained in continuous use, primarily in Western North Carolina and North Georgia. As is the custom at shape note singings, the participants sit on four sides of a square according to the four harmony parts. By tradition there is no instrumental accompaniment. All are welcome. No musical experience or religious affiliation required – in fact, the tradition was born from colonial “singing schools” whose purpose was to teach beginners to sing.

Register on our website.

Saturday, July 12, 2014, 10:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
(students in the singing school are also participants)
12:30 p.m. Potluck “Dinner On the Grounds” *Folk School will provide coffee,iced tea, plates, cups and utensils*

Admission to the singing is free.
Donations are welcome.
Located in the Music Studio, Davidson Hall, Brasstown, NC
Visit the Event Page for more information.
Directions to the Folk School

There will be copies of the Christian Harmony book available for sale at the singing for $25 each and a few available to borrow or you can order
them at Christian Harmony.

Hear a sample of Shape Note Singing by Alabama Sacred Harp Singers – “Present Joys” recorded in 1942 by Alan Lomax for the Library of Congress: