Laces Weaves with Elaine Bradley by Jacqueline Stewart

Laces Weaves with Elaine Bradley by Jacqueline Stewart

Lace weave on the loom

Although I am not a new-comer to the Folk School, I am a first-time student, and this past week has given me the opportunity to explore Folk School living from a new perspective.  From the moment you step through the door to register, you are surrounded by a tremendous generosity of spirit that abounds in teachers, staff and fellow students. It’s all-embracing: it’s helpfulness, courtesy, and kindness. It’s going the extra mile. It’s the joy of creativity.

Studying the pattern

Lace weave detail

Whether you are a student ready to explore a new topic or one that has come here to delve deeper into a familiar medium, the Folk School will most likely offer a course in it at some time during the year. I personally wanted to delve deeper into weaving and I chose Elaine Bradley’s class “Lace Weaves.”

Elaine is well-versed in the subject of lace weaves, having studied, taught and written about it in professional journals for many years. However, her expertise extends far beyond lace weaving.  New weavers learned how to dress looms, a dreaded task for most novices. However, through Elaine’s systematic approach and clear instructions, an otherwise daunting task was tamed, and very quickly new weavers were able to say triumphantly, a phrase familiar to Elaine, “Well, I declare, I’m ready to weave!”

And weave we did.

Host Carrie at the loom.

In addition to all the personal attention Elaine gave us, we had sessions on the theory of lace weaving, designing a variety of lace weaves, and how to set up our looms to weave each type of lace.

And that brings me to the studio.  In a more informal piece, I would just say it knocks your eyeballs out, but that probably won’t do here.  Instead, I will say it’s complete.  Anything you want, including all the major types of looms, the most beautiful selection of yarn and all those accessories so necessary to weaving are available.  If you need it, it is here.

After a week that went all too quickly, I left on Saturday, having learned so much, and I cannot wait to come back to take another class.

Jacqueline Stewart
Pinehurst, NC

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