Is That Crowing I Hear?

Is That Crowing I Hear?

 It was mid-afternoon at the Folk School and I heard crowing in the near distance. I followed the sound and discovered its source.

A rooster and his lady friends were enjoying the sunshine  near the vegetable gardens.

Nearby, was JCCFS Gardener & Volunteer Coordinator, Joe Baumgartner. I discovered Joe named our rooster, Edward, after a former Work Study. He also named Edward the Rooster’s four friends:

Maryilyn, who is an Australorp

Margaret, is a Rhode Island Red

Florence (“Flo” to her friends) is an Ameraucana

And we’re just not sure about Flossie 🙂

 Take a stroll up by the vegetable gardens and you might see Edward and his friends too.

 Move in a little closer.

Reach out and make some new friends at the Folk School.


While you’re here, we hope you will stop by the Craft Shop too.

We also have a crowing rooster…

and a few chickens you might want to take home with you 🙂


The Craft Shop Hours:

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Thu. – 8am-6pm
Sun. – 1-5pm
Phone for pricing and shipping info: 828-837-3899
Or, stop by, we’d love to see you!

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