Sidewalk Discovered in Front of History Center!

Sidewalk Discovered in Front of History Center!

The last few mornings in the History Center, I have been downstairs putting together our latest exhibit.  While I was absorbed in my thoughts of arranging textiles in glass display cases, I finally glanced up to notice Danny Wilson outside the window, on his hands and knees, busily working away.   It turns out, Danny was in the process of uncovering a long forgotten sidewalk, steps, iron rail, and front door in front of the History Center building!  Danny, of course, had known what lay beneath the layers of compressed soil, rusted farm implements, poison ivy vines, and lilies of the valley.

A native of Brasstown, Danny’s been coming to the Folk School ever since he can remember, for dancing, socializing, and working.  As a part time employee of the Folk School’s Buildings and Grounds Department, Danny took on the project as part of a campus wide clearing effort.

The History Center building, built in 1946, has had a few different lives.  It originally was used for weaving, with the laundry downstairs, then it was the Craft Shop, and has served as the History Center for nearly 20 years.  Just like the treasures that are stored within the Archive, it is exciting to uncover this long forgotten piece of Folk School history.  When you see Danny, be sure to thank him for all his hard work!

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