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Experience the magic of fused glass and metal art at the renowned Gus & Maggie Masters Enameling Studio. As one of the most respected enameling programs in the United States, our studio is dedicated to nurturing creativity and innovation. Recently renovated with state-of-the-art work tables, kilns, counters, and sinks, our light-filled space provides the perfect environment for artists to explore the endless possibilities of this unique art form.

To sustain and expand our enameling program, we rely on the generosity of donors like you. Your support will contribute to the general operation and capital needs of our studio, ensuring a well-equipped space for aspiring artists and enthusiasts. Additionally, consider providing an enameling class scholarship to empower individuals who may lack the means to pursue their artistic passions. Join us in preserving the legacy of our former Executive Directors, Gus and Maggie Masters, while fostering the next generation of enameling virtuosos. Together, let’s create a vibrant future for the Gus & Maggie Masters Enameling Studio. Donate today and make a lasting impact on the world of fused glass art.

Week or Weekend Scholarships

Our scholarship program helps those who would otherwise be unable to attend have joyous and enlivening learning experiences. Examples of recipients might be young people without deeper financial resources, people burdened by the weight of medical debt, or those challenged by a significant life event who need respite. Imagine helping a passionate, burgeoning creative who’s poised to become a professional artist.

Support Enameling

In fusing powdered glass to metal, this art form offers a variety of creative options for one-of-a-kind designs. Please donate to support our enameling program’s general operation and capital needs or by providing an enameling class scholarship.

Kay Patterson headshot

Resident Artist in Enameling, Hot/Warm Glass

Kay Patterson

Kay learned engraving and jewelry making from her husband, Tom, whose family owned a retail jewelry store with a full-service shop offering repairs, fabrication, and engraving. She joined Tom teaching metal classes at the Folk School in 2003 and has continued to serve as an assistant and instructor in many classes. Kay teaches enamel, combined with forging and engraving metal, and her own work focuses on using recycled metals. She has also worked as a hand engraver and silversmith for the past 20 years. Kay currently divides her time among metals, enamel, and fiber, mostly making things to wear.

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