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Limited Edition Giclee Print – Collective Effervescence

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Immerse yourself in “Collective Effervescence,” a limited edition giclee print from artist Misty Kelischek. This artwork mirrors the original oil painting’s dynamic spirit, accentuating the artist’s exceptional talent.

Archival grade giclee print of original oil painting line titled “Collective Effervescence”.

As the sun sank low with glasses raised high,
Bubbles dancing upwards towards the darkening sky,
Warm hues reflected in the emerald night,
A wingbeat of unity, a decision made right.

In this moment of peace, as the sunset fades,
Epiphany dawns, and hearts are ablaze,
For in unity and harmony, we find our way,
And the world becomes joyful with each passing day.


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Auction Expired because there were no bids
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