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Dance Callers’ Workshop
June 19-25, 2011
Little/Middle Folk School
Instructor: Bob Dalsemer
Tuition: $546.00
This one-of-a-kind intensive callers' workshop offers more mike time and more true-to-life calling experience than similar courses at other summer dance camps. The course is limited to 6 students and includes two 90 minute practice sessions with dancers each day plus an open public dance every night with a real-life mix of beginners and experienced dancers of all ages. The course is open to both newer and more experienced callers -but participants should already have a working knowledge of basic contra calling technique and at least several years of dancing experience. Some prior calling experience is highly recommended to take full advantage of the week. Please feel free to contact us and discuss this if there are questions (email Bob Dalsemer at bob@folkschool.org.)

Major emphasis is placed on working effectively with live music (provided by Steve Hickman and John Devine), efficient teaching, community building, working with beginners, children and family groups, and repertoire development, including square dance calling techniques. Daily discussion topics include:
• styles of dance music
• timing
• square dance calling for contra callers
• teaching techniques
• working with beginners, kids, families
sound system fundamentals
program planning
• dance choreography
• dance technique
• history of country dancing
care and nurturing of dance communities

BOB DALSEMER has been dancing, calling, teaching, collecting and writing about traditional American contra and square dancing since the early 1970’s. He has been invited to call at festivals, weekends and dance camps throughout the U.S. as well as in Canada, England, Denmark, Russia, The Czech Republic and Belgium. He was founding caller and teacher for the Wednesday night dance series in Baltimore and the Sunday night series at Glen Echo, MD. A past president of The Country Dance and Song Society (1990-1996), Bob has served as Coordinator of Music and Dance Programs at the John C. Campbell Folk School since 1991.

Dance Callers’ Week begins with registration from 3-5:30 pm on Sunday, June 19 and ends with breakfast on Saturday, June 25. Some scholarship assistance is available. If interested, request a scholarship application by phone from the office: 1-800-FOLK-SCH.

Typical Daily Schedule

9 - 10:30 am Practice Session
10:30 - 10:45 Mid-Morning Break
10:45 - 12:00 Presentation, Discussion
12:15 pm Lunch
1:30 - 3:00 Practice Session
3:00 - 3:15 pm Break
3:30-4:00 Plan Evening Program
4:00-5:00 Individual Help
6 pm Supper
7 - 9:30 pm Dance
9:30 - 10pm Evaluation Session

Comments from Past Participants

"I wanted to expand my skills as a whole caller - rather than just learning squares or contras. This class addresses dancing in a myriad of ways-all of which I can put to immediate use."

"Excellent instruction in calling techniques, program selection, teaching - and adequate practice time."

"Instructor always available, lots of individual attention as needed."

"I had such a wonderful time at the Callers Workshop! I learned a lot and enjoyed connecting with other callers, sharing stories and information. ."

"The class was well paced, with a good balance of instruction, practice and free time for preparation. Bob’s teaching was clear, authoritative and supportive."

"The class was super! A main reason to take it was the limited number of students."

"I'm glad we spent class time creating the evening program-that's a real important part of calling."

"I had a lot of fun in the calling class. There was a wonderful mix of people who were supportive and caring. I liked having lots of time to practice calling...I liked having such a wide range of ages and experience levels to call for-it was a blast to program for that range of folks."

Past participants have come from North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Michigan, Kentucky, Washington, Iowa, Virginia, West Virginia, New Hampshire, California, Colorado, Missouri, Ohio, Arizona, Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii, Ontario, France and Denmark.

Other Classes This Week
Contra and Square Dancing - Dance

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